If you are a current wholesaler and have a property you need to sell, then we can provide you with a buyer and help you market any other properties in the future. We do this by using a Joint Venture Contract, we can form a joint venture partnership on the property, where profit is split.

We’re excited to begin working with you AND making money with you. We are doing everything we can to ensure we respect not only your time, but not waste ours.

In order to do that, we’ve created this efficient submission process for property consideration. Please know that your property will only be considered if the below instructions are followed. As we are marketing your property, we encourage you to continue your own marketing as well. Please note that we will notify you immediately when we find a buyer and receive a deposit for your property.

You must show us the same courtesy. Notify us by contacting calling 425-358-5051 or emailing deals@discountdirt.net

Before Sending in the property, fill out the form below and give us the run down on what the situation is and what type of deal it is and so on. Every deal is different so it can be easier just to fill out the form first, we come to an agreement, and then you email us the rest of the details.

  • Please only submit great wholesale deals (50-70 Of ARV to end buyer or better!)
  • Please only send deals that have 30 days or more until the closing deadline (if you only have days left, send anyways, we can make something happen!)

Once We Agree To Market The Property

  • We Need At least 30 pictures in dropbox, google photos or something similar where we can share the link.
  • Copy of original contract. We will first sign a NCND with you if needed so you feel safe.