The Process

What separates us from all the other wholesalers in town is we take time to figure out the buyers criteria and then bring them what they want! Simple as that.

We also make sure we have the correct comps that match the subject property the best. We work our different systems to find the best properties we can that suit the buyer’s needs, whether they are rehabbers or buy and hold Investors or Developers. We spend thousands a month in marketing and other costs in order to find these properties. It’s not easy to find:

  • Off-Market Deeply Discounted Homes
  • Homes with Equity in this Market that are deeply discounted
  • Seller Finance Opportunities on Land & Houses

Comps Process

  1. 3 properties that have sold within the last 3 to 6 months. Preferably rehabbed and updated properties.
  2. Within a 1 mile radius
  3. Within 300 square feet of the subject property living area.
  4. Must Be comparing Apples to Apples

We get our comps from Real Estate Agents who specialize in the subject area and also get Fast Appraisals from an Appraiser.

How do We Get These Deals?

  • Local Flyers
  • Bandit Signs
  • REO Agents
  • Direct mail to lists: Absentee Owners, Divorce, Evictions, Probates, Inherited Owners, and much more..
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Social Media, Internet, SEO, AD words, other online strategies.
  • Knock on doors!

Submitting Your Offer

Call or Email Us and we will send you a contract

Phone: 425-358-5051


You must deposit earnest money as stated in the contract in order to secure the property and complete your offer.

This will be an all Cash offer and the only other methods will be Hard Money or Seller Financing if the deal provides that option.

We take All Offers very serious and you should as well. We can refer you to local appraisers, attorneys, and contractors, Real Estate Agents and other third party professionals to help with your decision. Whichever professional you speak to, we advise you to get everything in writing just to make the process easier and faster.

To gain access to the property if its not a piece of land and you are not wanting to tear down an existing structure, call 425-358-5051 and we can give you a lock box code if the property is vacant or if owner/tenant occupied, we can set up an arrangement to have you tour the property.

Getting the contracts back to us:

Docu-Sign, Scan or E-mail: