Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Guys provide contractors as well?

We can suggest contractors depending on the project and/or the area but we do not provide contractors.

do you collect the assignment fee upfront?

No we do not, and only have done so in the past on specific situations and/or as a way for the buyer to negotiate a better deal. Assignments are paid at closing.

Can we access the home to walk it/tour it?

Yes its all on a case by case basis. sometimes the house is vacant and all you need is a lockbox code and other times we gotta set up appointments, and sometimes no access at all, just pictures and videos that we took.

How long do i have until i have to close?

Typically we are looking to work with Investors who can close in 2 weeks or less if everything checks out.

How do i get on your short list?

Buy more houses from us and/or act fast..we will call you directly sometimes even before we get everything together to send to the big list.

What about Closing? How Does It Work?

We Assign the Contract or sell the house to you after we buy it from the seller. So in this case all you do is buy the house like any other transaction. 

Do you ever work with conventional loans?

Rarely.mostly only Cash Or Hard Money Funding.

Do you guys ever have Seller Financed Deals?

Yes we do but not often in the past. We are starting to work these in the negotiations and you should see more of these.

What is your Process when it comes to development deals?

These type of offers are flexible sometimes but most of the time you will get a feasibility period of 14-21 days max. Also if you want to close later after you get permits, the assignment is due upfront.

What if we close and the seller hasn't moved yet?

We tend to do a holdback agreement with the seller because we know they will need extra time to move but also need to close asap because they might need the money to move. If the seller stays longer than intended you (Investor) will be paid a daily fee. A portion of the Sellers proceeds after closing will be help in escrow until they move.